Motivate, Support or Get Out Of The Way

Every employee is responsible to motivate himself or herself, right? That is a fair statement.

As a leader and manager, what are you doing to empower that? Or worse, are you causing your employees to be become demotivated, demoralised and dysfunctional? According to a Gallup Poll study ~ people leave their boss not the company!

No worries. If you are passionate and committed to lead a team of highly motivated and inspired individuals, there are wealth of proven techniques which can help you. It is challenging but can be done, and definitely rewarding. A few of the thousands articles:
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  • Demotivation ~ more
  • The high cost of work deficiency syndrome ~ more
  • Are you demotivating your employees? ~ more
  • Why your employees are losing motivation ~ more
  • How can we stop demotivation? ~ more
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Your TEAM will be with you all the way..... through thick and thin, through fire and ice, through hunger and pain, to hell and back! They will achieve objectives with limited resources and facing numerous constraints. Not because they have to but because they want to. Not for you but for themselves!

YOU... simply need to become a leader instead of a boss, a coach instead of a manager and a person instead of a designation. Speak and think effectively. You get what you think :)

101 Web Applications

My friend Caspian has searched the Internet and listed 101 (one hundred and one) web applications which can help your personal, work and business tasks.

All the applications are ready-to-use.
Most of them are free, a few are pay per-use.
Use them to increase your productivity and competitiveness.
Click here now!

Three Months..... immerse, learn and do

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group said:
"Three months of running a business or trying to set up a business and you will learn, I suspect, as much as you can learn in three years at a business school." (Google)

Branson has developed a level of trust with his top managers by setting the direction and then stepping back to let them navigate. "I come up with the original idea, spend the first three months immersed in the business so I know the ins and outs and then give chief executives a stake in the company and ask them to run it as if it’s their own," explains Branson. "I intervene as little as possible. Give them that, and they will give everything back." (Wharton)
Richard's "three months" strategy is validated by Virgin's diverse businesses!

So what to do? Maximise time and efforts to focus on the business ~ ignore television, newspaper, blogs and anything which does not add value to your mission. Avoid procrastination, avoid paralysis analysis and avoid perfection. Develop really thick face and ask many questions from the relevant experts (there are no stupid questions, only stupid person not asking question!). Enough excuses, stop talking and start doing. If you stumble, just get up, dust off and move on. It worked for me before.... now just reminding myself :)

Entrepreneurs Must Have Courage!

Entrepreneurs must overcome fear to have a chance to succeed. Fear of taking action, fear of selling, fear of preparing proposal, fear of taking calculated risks, fear of imperfection. So many fears! So how to develop courage, overcome fear and succeed?
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  • The secret upside to fear ~ more
  • Act inspite of fear ~ more
  • Mastering fear ~ more
  • Fear quotes ~ more
What's the worst that can happened? Okay, I can live with that.
Stop worrying, just do it :)

Don't Run, Don't Hide, Don't Fight

If your business is facing cashflow problem... employees, banks and suppliers will go berserk if you let their imagination and anxiety run wild.

Don't run away, don't hide and don't fight... be proactive and approach them upfront. Work together to ride through the crisis. No one will benefit if your business goes under.

Blog for Businesses

Blog is a value-added tool for any business. Do not be misled by negative comments about blogs and bloggers. Businesses can use blog to deliver information in a more relaxed (not official) tone, receive contextual inputs from the target groups, create community etc. Here are three examples:

~ Shalia's Treats use the blog to promote her cupcakes. She works from home and uses blogspot which is free. And the cupcakes look yummy!

~ Les' Copaque Production uses to provide latest updates and to interact with its online community. Interesting to note and can be emulated~ Les'Copaque uses blogspot (a free service) to add value to their official website

~ Corporate or CEO Blogs listed on Wikipedia.

I am happy using blogspot (, one of the free and easy-to-use tools provided by Google. For more info on blogs and other free options, goto Wikipedia.

Start blogging your business :)

Online Maps

"Online Maps" are useful free services to show map to your office and also the satellite image. Goto to mark your office. You can also add image and relevant Wikipedia link. After that, you can embed the Google Map to your website or blog. For more details how to customise, goto the Maps Help Center.

Alternatively, you can use StreetDirectory which have map, building and satellite view options (see examples KLCC and Pos Malaysia).

Below is example of Google Map "satellite view" for SMSJ Kluang. Click "x" to close the image. Use the "+" and "-" rulers on the top left of the image to zoom in or zoom out. Left clik your mouse on the image to "grab" and move the map around. Click "map" to change from satellite view to map view. You can have all that map functions for your office, factory and facilities at no cost!


YouTube for marketing

Can you use YouTube for your company, business or services? Absolutely! And it is free for you and for your viewers. How YouTube make money?..... not important for us to know :)

There are so many ways you can maximise the YouTube. Show video of walkthru your clean high-tech facilities, interview your clients who provide testimonial, demonstrate your products etc. Search the site for more examples.

You can capture video using camcorder or professional production house. You can upload multimedia presentations as video. YouTube has informative HowTo Resources.

Once uploaded, you can email the video link to your clients, prospects, partners etc. And you can embed the video on your website or blog. If Internet users like your video, they will forward to their friends and embed in their blogs/websites (that's viral marketing!):

If you come across porno or sleazy videos on YouTube (or anywhere on Internet), JUST TURN AWAY. Goto useful pages. Don't waste your time, money and brain cells! And it will minimise risks of virus infecting your computer!!!

Tough Times!!!

"Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do!".... is an inspiring phrase, and is a title of a book by Robert H. Schuller. It is also a fact. Tough times could drag over many years, but it never last. And the world is facing tough times, which many said will get worse!

Whilst the full-time politicians are busy politicking and the wanna-be politicians are busy barking, we the ordinary folks need to prepare for the incoming financial tsunami.

We shall grit our teeth, do our best, combine our resources, seek God's help and come out stronger. Where to start? Read articles on perseverance, strategy and innovation.

Increase Your Productivity

Goto Microsoft Office online - lots of templates for your reports, letters, checklists and even for organising your kids birthday parties. If you have no idea, then that is the first place to start. They are free.

Also if you need help and tips to use Microsoft Office, especially when your Helpdesk Team are too busy responding to "bigger problems". That online Assistance is in addition to the "Help" button on your computer.

And MS Office Online comes in multi-lingual and different flavours. On the top left corner of the webpage, there is a small link = "Country" (change).

At the very least. Learn to use all the tools on MS Words. Create more time for yourself. You can begin with MS Word assistance. If you need more, try this Word Help and Word Tutorial using Google.

Work Hard and Work Smart :)


One Major Concern Resolved...

Statement from Central Bank of Malaysia dated 16 October 2008:
"Consistent with regional initiatives to preserve confidence in respective financial systems, the Ministry of Finance and Bank Negara Malaysia today jointly announce measures to maintain the stability of the Malaysian financial system.

These measures are pre-emptive and precautionary, since Malaysian financial institutions are well-capitalised with ample liquidity, and confidence of depositors remains intact.

With immediate effect, the following measures are being implemented:
  • all ringgit and foreign currency deposits with commercial, Islamic and investment banks, and deposit taking development financial institutions regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia, will be fully guaranteed by the Government through Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) until December 2010. The guarantee extends to all domestic and locally incorporated foreign banking institutions; and
  • access to Bank Negara Malaysia’s liquidity facility will be extended to insurance companies and takaful operators regulated and supervised by the Bank."

Causes of Current financial Crisis

The following video is a useful summary.... "that explains the flawed subprime mortgage lending practices that fueled the current economic crisis in the United States. Starting in 2000 and ending in current day, it details the role that home buyers, mortgage lenders, banks, financial institutions and ultimately asset backed securities played".(xplanevisualthinking)

Market self-regulation? Not when greed is god. In addition, the bankers, brokers and hedge funds transformed the financial and stock markets into 24 hours virtual casino by making huge bets on "positions" (trading). They trade securities which they do not own (short-selling). They make money by buying and selling nothing (derivatives).

You've been told.... gambling and usury are very bad! Lets learn the lessons!


Bailout is Good for US!

Bernanke (federal reserve chairman) said "Congress must pass bailout bill to avoid recession, more job losses, foreclosures"
Economic 101 (revised edition 2008) = bail out is good for U.S. but not good for us (the Asian countries). To all asian companies which were handed over on silver platter for cheap-cheap to the vulture capitalists or which were liquidated during the Asian economic crisis.... sorry lah. That time IMF using old economy theory maahhh.

more articles on US government bailout

Sub-Prime Decline ~ song

A song by The Richter Scales about the Sub-Prime. Greed leads to sufferings....


What's Wrong With The Chinese?

A few years ago was fake baby milk which led to some toddlers death. Last year poison in the toys, then poisonous food, then fake during olympic, and now tainted milk made in China!

What is wrong with those Chinese producers? Want to make fast buck? Didn't think they will ever get caught? Believe that consumers can be fooled? Don't care what other people say? What were they thinking......?

Because of a few unscrupulous producers, now all food exporters throughout China suffers. The brand is badly damaged. It will be very costly to win back confidence. All the goodwil from a funtastic olympic flushed down the toilet.

Lessons for the rest of us? Take very good care of quality, respect the consumers and don't cheat. Remember.... what goes around, will come around.

An Idea A Day....

"Curiosity is a fundamental tenet underlying the great discoveries and inventions made throughout human culture. Without it, we merely accept what is, rather than what could be.

A truly creative spirit is fired by a curiosity that is hungry, searching for new ways of looking, seeing and doing. If curiosity killed the cat, it is only because it stood still and stared for too long."

New Inventors
inventions by ordinary folks

Global Ideas Bank
interesting ideas to generate more ideas

Development Marketplace
ideas that can be expanded from World Bank's competition

Ideas Websites
more ideas websites and creative resources

Innovation Tools
resources for business innovation, creativity and enhancement

One Idea A Day, One Step at A Time:
continuously improve processes, productivity, performance, profit...

Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch.... GONE!!!

I met a few of the Lehmans and Merrills years ago. Pleasant guys/gals, sleek marketing kits, sophisticated products, impressive credentials. What happened in 2008?

Lehman Brothers.... filed for Chapter 11!

Merrill Lynch.... sold to Bank of America!
Now everyone looking at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. AIG also in trouble.
Click here for latest news!

Lesson for the "Leaders" from Bob Marley

Suddenly I remembered Bob Marley's song "Them Belly Full", part of the its lyrics:
Cost of livin' gets so high,
Rich and poor they start to cry.
Now the weak must get strong,
They say, "Oh, what a tribulation!"
Them belly full, but we hungry,
A hungry mob is a angry mob.
A rain is fall, but the dirt it tough;
A pot is cook, but the food no 'nough.
A hungry man is a angry man.
Leaders must formulate real and believable strategies. When economic cake is expanding, everyone happy. And economy is driven by belief and confidence. Presently, many still cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. Some are thinking its an oncoming train. The result.... a "hungry" man is an angry man (and woman too).


What goes around....

Everyone must remember that what goes comes around! You cheat someone, one day you will be cheated. You pollute the environment, one day your family will feel the effect. You don't pay attention on quality, one day it will hit your business! If it hurts only you, that is due to your own doing.

But, if we learn the lessons from China, because some companies did stupid things to make quick profit..... its export of food, fruits and toys plummeted. Many people now equate China with Poison! So before you do something stupid, remember what goes around will come around.

In the case below..... a company from Singapore is giving Malaysia a bad name! Sengaja ker?

Malaysian firm recalls candy with high lead levels

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — A Malaysian confectionery maker said Wednesday it has recalled a brand of candy from global markets after California health officials found it contained high lead levels.

Lina Gan, a manager at Kee Wee Hup Kee Food Manufacture in southern Johor state, said the company stopped producing the Ego Hao Jin Bang candy a few months ago because of poor sales.She said the candies may have been contaminated during production, adding the company was still investigating.

California's Department of Public Health issued a warning Tuesday after a recent analysis found the Ego Hao Jin Bang candy contained up to 0.73 parts per million of lead. The state considers candy with lead levels of more than 0.10 parts per million to be contaminated.

Lead can be particularly harmful for young children and developing fetuses, resulting in learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.The company immediately recalled the remaining candies from domestic and global markets after it was notified about the high lead levels Monday by Californian health authorities.

Gan said."We have already recalled the product and we don't produce it anymore," she said.According to its Web site, Kee Wee Hup Kee produces a wide range of products, including dried food, preserved fruits and noodles, that are exported to markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Inflation, Stagflation, Recession

Three keywords which been used repeatedly by politicians and analysts recently:
Inflation ~ The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and subsequently purchasing power is falling. As inflation rises, every Ringgit will buy a smaller percentage of a good. For example, if the inflation rate is 2%, then a RM1 teh tarik will cost RM1.02 in a year.

Stagflation ~ A condition of slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment (a time of stagnation), accompanied by a rise in prices (i.e. inflationn). It occurs when prices increase but the economy isn't growing. This happened during the 1970s, when world oil prices rose dramatically fueling sharp inflation. And we are seeing it in year 2008.

Recession ~ A significant decline in activity spread across the economy, lasting longer than a few months. It is visible in industrial production, employment, real income and wholesale-retail trade. The technical indicator of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth as measured by a country's gross domestic product (GDP).
For more definitions of the economic and business terminologies, goto:
* or Financial Dictionary or Search Google *


Most Innovative Companies 2008

FastCompany released its list of 50 Most Innovative Companies, 2008. Top 5 companies:
1. Google
2. Apple
3. Facebook
4. General Electric (GE)

~ For more details, goto The 2008 Fast50 & Summary List.
~ For comments on Fast50 or for other lists of Innovative Companies goto Google Search.
~ And view the most innovative companies Malaysia.

E-Commerce Opportunities & Challenges

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E-commerce is about reaching the global market, improving customer services and fostering closer customer relationship. "E is about business, not technology glotification!".

Latest E-Commerce News
Google news

Reach the Global Market
Internet Statistics , CIA World Factbook , World Bank List , Top Level Domain

Definitions / Jargons
E-Business , E-Commerce , M-Commerce

Strategies & Implementation

~ E-commerce Success
~ E-Commerce Companies
~ EC Failures , Dot-com Flops
~ E-Commerce Strategies
~ Internet Marketing
~ Affiliates Program
~ Viral Marketing
~ Selling Online
~ Customer Relationship Management
~ E-Business Architecture
~ E-Commerce Architecture
~ Secrets of Electronic Commerce: A guide for small and medium-sized exporters

E-Commerce Examples

Recession Hits Google

Extract of article from on Google's strategies to face the recession:

The U.S. is officially in a recession and the lean times are even hitting high-flying Google. The Wall St. Journal reports that Google has realized its "torrid growth" can't go on forever and is implementing a series of belt-tightening moves aimed at helping it weather the current economic downturn. These include cutting back on engineers' less promising "pet" projects (so much for that vaunted 20% time), while focusing more on probable profit-generators.

As Google cut costs, it has to make sure it also doesn't cut opportunities. Google's initiatives can be taken two ways. Either the company is finally growing up and its newfound bean-counter mentality is just part of the process, or it's actually given up on a core part of its company culture. Some key steps it is reportedly taking:

  • New hires go to revenue-generating groups first.

  • Ad-sales reps now have to meet quotas.

  • More employees now find their pay tied to performance.

  • Standard procurement, and price paid, across departments.

  • Hiring only when needed, not just when talent is available.

  • Earmarking funds for only the most promising projects.

  • Building data centers only when capacity needs require them.

At first blush, the moves make huge economic sense. Doesn't every smart company operate this way? But Google's always been a little different. By nurturing engineers and their dreams, they tended to hit on profitable projects that wouldn't have even come to the fore in a different company with a more traditional culture.

At best, the culture changes will only be temporary, as Schmidt says, and funding will free up once the economy gets rolling again. But by then, it may be too late. And that genius engineer may have moved on to greener pastures, taking the next blockbuster technology or service along with her.

DSH friendly hospital

I went to Damansara Specialist Hospital (DSH) to accompany a friend who underwent minor surgery (stay in the day ward and go home after surgery).

The specialist and medical staffs at the ward are very professional and friendly, that is the minimum standard that we expect.

But the pervasive customer service culture is awesome!!! I entered the "service elavator', the janitor pushing the waste supplies actually said "maaf encik, sampah" (sorry sir, waste). Walking throughout the hospital everyone will give you a smile.... doctors, nurses, attendants and general workers. Even the cashier who had to endure my stern queries on the bill was very knowledgeable, professional and patient. You can feel the positive and friendly vibes throughout the hospital. And you get the impression they are really sincere.

They can do that because they charge high fees (as private hospital), or they can charge high fees because they institutionalise the customer service culture? How do you instil that level of customer service throughout the organisation?

I worked with "Puan Siti" for the listing of KPJ Healthcare Bhd. She and KPJ Team had done a great job institutionalising the "culture of excellent customer service" at DSH. And congrats on the leadership by example from Tan Sri Ali and management at Johor Corp.

Luckily the staffs did not say "see you soon or break a leg".... that would be a minus for DSH's customer service.... heh heh heh.

p/s ~ but KPJ need to improve its website to make it easier and faster to find information. The virtual service is not congruent with the excellent real-world services.