S.U.C.C.E.S.S. For "Sticky" Ideas

Mendapat idea adalah permulaan yang baik. Apa strategi untuk menjayakan idea tersebut?

The secret of your success is in S.U.C.C.E.S

How do we find the essential core of our ideas?
Strip your idea back to the core and find what the simplest elements are. Prioritize the important parts of what you're trying to get across. It's not about being short, it's about being remembered.

How do we get our audience to pay attention to our ideas, and how do we maintain their interest when we need time to get the ideas across?
In this day of "everything has been done before" we need to look at new ways of communicating what people may have heard a hundred times before. Break with people's expectations and get their attention. Use surprise to grab the attention, but then to keep it you must generate interest and curiosity. Don't give too much away too quickly.

How do we make our ideas clear?
Explain your ideas in terms of human actions and sensory information. Don't be obscure or too abstract or you threaten to lose the interest of your audience or worse, have your message interpreted differently depending on who is reading.

How do we make people believe our ideas?
We need to generate authority for our ideas. In most cases we don't have a well-known and trusted public figure handy to assure the audience that the message being projected is factual and honest. Sticky ideas need to have their own credentials to give people peace of mind that what they're reading is the truth.

How do we get people to care about our ideas?
A sticky idea is one that gets people feeling something. To most people, the fact that cinema popcorn contains 37 grams of fat doesn't mean anything - but if you show that one serve of it has more fat than if you ate fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, people will take notice.

How do we get people to act on our ideas?
By telling a story to get your message out you reach people on an instinctive level. As a race, humans naturally share stories of their experiences, thereby multiplying those experiences. When we find ourselves in a situation that mirrors a story we've been told we feel more comfortable with it and less fearful of the unknown.

The very best and most memorable ideas in history manage to employ all 6 of these qualities, and the more you can get in your ideas the better. Not every idea needs to tick all the boxes - some ideas only lend themselves to certain sticky qualities - but every idea has the potential to be fully realized with the help of these six elements.

In a lot of cases you must, as Yoda might say, unlearn what you have learned in order to fully utilize the 6 elements needed to give your idea the stick it deserves. The elements are there as a guide and with each idea or article you put out there you should run it through the S.U.C.C.E.S wringer and see if it manages to come out sticky.

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